Lina Liddell Photography


Every morning I wake with a burning urge to tell stories by use my camera.


I grew up, and live, in a small town in the Danish countryside surrounded by all sorts of wonderful landscapes and nature, and I have always had an adventurous soul - hiking through the woods, discovering hidden paths and forgotten spots;

Letting nature in and letting my imagination run wild, making up stories and pretending to live them.


When I got my very first camera at the age of 15, I sought to recreate the pictures in my head, but I was too afraid to ask anyone to model for me since I didn’t have the proper experience. I was afraid that the pictures would turn out terrible so instead I started to use myself as a model.


Nowadays I still primarily use myself as a model, which is a good way for me to create my ideas as soon as I get them, and because I already have the image in my head, I know exactly the pose and feeling to bring to the picture.




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